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Paint On Fabric, Shirts, Clothes, Fabric
Painting Patterns and Instructions to Paint on Fabric

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1001 Ideas to Paint on Fabric
With 65 pages of
Tips, Techniques and Tools

Over 150 full color close-up
and highly detailed photos of
finished garments, painted shirts,
and ideas to transform men's tees
into ladies high fashion!

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Below is what you will learn in our book
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Preparing to Paint On Fabric

  • Where to Find Old Stuff to Practice On
  • Creating Fabric Painting Boards
  • Protecting Your Project From Paint Dribbles
  • Choosing Fabrics to Paint

Supply List and Overview of Fabric Painting Materials

Finding and Creating Patterns and Designs

  • Steps to Create Your Own Design
  • How to Become a Great Design Artist!
  • Combining Patterns To Create New Designs
  • Adapting the One Stroke Method of Design
  • Designing For Shirts With Collars

Tips On Working With Patterns

  • Resizing Patters for Your Design
  • How to Turn A Color Photo Into A Line Drawing Pattern
  • Using The Scanner to Create Patterns

Transferring Patterns to Your Project

  • Tracing Techniques On Fabric
  • Using Light Under Your Fabric To Draw Your Pattern
  • Tracing For A Heat Transfer
  • Ironing Patterns onto Your Projects
  • Iron-On Transfers From Your Computer
  • Tulle Pattern Transfers
  • Pattern Chalking
  • Stencils On Fabric

Tips and Techniques

  • Overview of How to Paint On Fabrics
  • Working With Fabric Paints:
  • How To Make Your Fabric Paint Last Longer on Your Projects
  • Getting the Paint on the Fabric
  • Working With Fabric Brushes
  • Sponges and Fabric Painting
  • Fabric Spray Paint
  • Double Loading Your Brush
  • The Secret of Swirl Lines and Vines
  • Making Sure Your Fabric Paints Don't Disappear


  • The Easy Water Color Background
  • Fabric Spray Paint Backgrounds
  • Salt Effects
  • Avoiding and Fixing Water Stain Lines in Your Background
  • Water Color Stains Problems and Fabric Boards

Filling In The Pattern - Highlights and Outlines

  • Outlining In Metallic and Pearls
  • Adding Layered Flowers

Glitter, Metallics, Rhinestones and Scissors!

  • Turn Ugly Men's Tees Into Pretty Women's Shirts
  • Collars
  • Sleeves
  • Fringing
  • Menopause Vents! Slicing Sleeves & Collars
  • Beading
  • Haphazard Cutting of Hems and Sleeves
  • Rhinestones and Crystals
  • Caring for A Glued Rhinestone Garment

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Paint On Fabric, Shirts, Clothes, Fabric Painting Patterns and Instructions to Paint on Fabric